We officially opened for business on December 4, 2018. Steam Inn Coffee Room grew from the concept to create a combination brewery and coffee shop. Once we found a suitable location in the Old Blissfield Hotel, we learned that the tavern formerly located in the basement was known as the Steam Inn. We liked the idea of reviving the name with the coffee shop.

We are located in a small room on the main floor of the Old Hotel. We specialize in high-quality coffee and espresso drinks. Dine-in seating with free WiFi available. Parking is located near the entrance off of N. Lane St. and overflow parking available in the public parking lot across the street.

We feature responsibly sourced coffee and espresso from Actual Coffee, a local and independent coffee roaster from nearby Perrysburg, OH and tea from Arbor Teas of Ann Arbor. For more information please visit their websites located in the ‘Partners’ tab.

We also carry several varieties of chocolate from Mindo (Dexter, MI), numerous packaged snacks, and a refrigerator with salads (when available) and cold beverages such as bottled spring water, sparkling water, and kombucha.


Our Family

Co-Owners Lindsey & Ben, daughter Reese, son Declan, and dog Alice.